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Self-care from home

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Your living space now serves as an office, gym, restaurant and entertainment centre. Even though you are in the comfort of your own home, it doesn't mean you shouldn’t be scheduling in some ‘Me Time’.

self-care /sɛlfˈkɛː/ by definition: The practice of taking an active role in protecting one's own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress.

Prior to lockdown, it’s possible that you only had Sundays delegated to self care. Now that we’ve shaved off some time on your commute to the office, and have access to all our meals, self care may be looking a little different these days. But it’s still a crucial aspect of maintain our wellbeing, don’t just take our word for it;

Barnett, Johnston, and Hillard (2006), “Self‐care is not an indulgence. It is an essential component of prevention of distress, burnout, and impairment. It should not be considered as something ‘extra’ or ‘nice to do if you have the time’ but as an essential part of our professional identities”

The typical sunday:

Roll out of bed after 9, enjoy a cup of our morning brew, maybe order brunch or dance to music while you make your famous pancakes. Face mask, Netflix, and if we can manage, laundry.

But as we spend so much time indoors these days, how can we make self care a wholesome experience? Here are some tips to help you transform your space and bring some ZEN to your day of rest.

HELLO HYDRATION: After a night’s rest, the body tends to be slightly dehydrated. By just drinking a big glass of water first thing in the morning you are doing yourself a wonderful service. It flushes out built-up toxins, increases your metabolism throughout the day, boosts energy levels and decreases the chance of headaches developing early in the morning.


30 minutes of some kind of exercise (not a HIIT session)—whether it's some easy flowing yoga, or a stroll around your neighborhood. It’s just as good for your mental health as it is your physical. MRI scans suggest that exercise may regulate blood flow to the portions of the brain that are associated with memory, cognition and language/speech processing.


At the end of your yoga practice, stretch or your morning walk, take some deep breaths and express what you may be grateful for on this day. It can be something as small as the sun shining, or being thankful for a good night sleep. These affirmations will set a positive tone for your day.


Taking the time to prepare a nutrient charged breakfast can easily set the tone for a wholesome day by giving something back to the body. Your soul will smile right back at ya.


Take a luxurious shower or bath. Use that body scrub you got for christmas, add some essential oils or some music and suddenly we’re at the spa! End with an invigorating blast. After you’ve scrubbed with warm water, switch to cold for 30 seconds. You’ll feel energized as your circulation kicks in for the body to conserve heat. One study found that icy temps help release endorphins, which could have an antidepressant effect.


Sift through the unimportant mail ,organize your drawers, address the overflow of ‘ill do it later’ . It just may breathe new life into a part of your home. And who doesn’t love a clean bathroom! Studies have linked cluttered environments with stress and lower self-control (say, around food), which can put a damper on your physical health. Try snapping a photo of a messy area of your home, then one once you’re satisfied with tidying. Comparing the “before” and “after” photos will give you a sense of accomplishment.


Bet you’ve been saving vegan baked goods and have a page on pinterested dedicated to recipes. Today’s the day to tackle one! Choose a playlist, get in the kitchen, pour that glass of vino and let’s go!


You’ve honored your body, mind and soul.Take some time to just sit and become overwhelmed with the satisfaction that is your day. Pick a movie to watch with your housemate / or facetime your friend and watch it together.

Don’t feel obligated to Instagram the bubble bath you’ve curated or a selfie in your mud mask. Self care also isn’t exclusive to Sundays. It’s all about putting yourself first, physically, mentally and spiritually.


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