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Wellness 3.0

Pop-Up Corporate Clinic by LDN PHYSIO


Our team will set up a pop-up clinic in your office, this can be for a few hours or the entire day, and even across several days. Usually we send one of our physios and massage therapists to provide a range of health & wellness appointments, including: 

  • Physiotherapy appointments including drop-in consults (15 mins) and bookable physiotherapy sessions (30 mins).

  • Wellness appointments including office massage, sports massage, deep tissue massage and remedial massage.

You'll find more information about each type of appointment below. We also have many other types of services we can provide as add-ons, such has Body MOTs, running analysis sessions (perfect if your team is preparing for a running event), workstation assessments and even Ergonomics Seminars to deliver to your staff or managers... Don't hesitate to email us to create the perfect pop-up clinic for your own business.

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Palm Massage
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Our physio will be present on the day for drop-in consults (15 mins). These are useful if you have any questions you would like answered on anything health & fitness-related, such as a pain or niggle you might have noticed recently, a question on your current training routine or even a second opinion on a previous injury that may have not fully resolved.


If you suffer from a specific injury or have something that requires a little more time, we'll also run standard physio sessions (30 mins). These can be pre-booked via our booking system and are longer to allow our physio to understand the history of your injury and perform a comprehensive assessment of your symptoms, before providing treatment if applicable.


One of our friendly massage therapists will also be present on the day for drop-in wellness appointments (15 or 30 mins). These include standard massage appointments as you would normally get at one of our clinics, as well as clothed, "office" type of massage. We will also run pre-booked sessions for those of you who want to make sure they get seen!

You will be able to choose between different massage techniques, including office, sports, deep tissue or remedial massage. Our therapist will be there to answer any questions and help you choose if needed!

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LDN PHYSIO was created to raise awareness of what is achievable through physiotherapy and the benefits of using medical, sports and scientific knowledge to reach all sorts of goals and milestones.


We work with a wide range of clients, from busy professionals to athletes, individuals to organisations, to provide a variety of quality physiotherapy, wellness and fitness services - all geared towards getting you back on track quickly, and helping you achieve goals you'd never thought you could!

They've trusted us


and more!

Contact us to discuss your needs and let's create the perfect pop-up clinic for your staff

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