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Our programme has been designed and developed from our Physiotherapy experience treating elite and youth talent at a variety of levels of performance including working for Tottenham Hotspurs FC, the AAF World Athletics Championships 2017 and years of NHS and private trained Musculoskeletal and Sports


With researched measures of performance we can give you the green-light or tell you where you must improve. Our Return to Sport programme is not just about strength and physical performance. We also listen to your fears about re-injury, anxieties in not returning to your pre-injury level and provide a closely-monitored rehabilitation process for yours and your clubs benefit.

Variety in Sports

All LDN PHYSIO therapists are active in their own sports. With a broad knowledge in various sports comes creativity in our rehabilitation to help you return to your best level. From football to basketball, to athletics and running to skiing. Whatever your sport, we have the sports physio for you.

ACL Rehabilitation

This program is suitable for return to sports from ACL reconstruction. For more info, ask us about our ACL

Rehabilitation Programme at

Want to return to Football after an injury?

From a FIFA Diploma in Football Medicine to being on International Tours with Tottenham Hotspurs

Academy, we have the know-how and a wealth of experience to optimise your performance

whether it is return from injury to making an impact with pre-season conditioning.

Muddy Soccer


Let's get you back quicker, safer.



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Our Return-to-Sport clinic is a specialist service aimed at pro and semi-pro athletes, as well as aspiring recreational athletes.

In this specialist clinic, you will be seen by one of our specialist sports physiotherapists with an expert interest and skill set in your sport, and in identifying the factors required to guide you through a quick and safe rehabilitation. The initial appointment is 60 minutes long as it often goes in more detail than a typical Physiotherapy  appointment. Zoom consultations are also available.


You can self-refer to our RTS clinic, or discuss your case with your coach or club secretary who may be able to help you with the payment.


At LDN PHYSIO we are proud of our holistic approach when assessing and treating each athlete that comes into our clinic. When required during your rehabilitation, we can rely on the clinical expertise of Sports Medicine Consultant Dr Farrah Jawad. Our very own Senior Physiotherapist Mani Matharu is also a qualified Nutritionist and is able to offer support to challenging dietary demands. If required, we will discuss a referral to a Specialist Dietician.

Mike Robson, Specialist MSK & Sports Physiotherapist, Special interest in Running injuries, Football injuries inc. ACL and Shoulder injuries.

Jonny Sumner, Specialist MSK & Sports Physiotherapist, DipFIFA, Former Premier League Academy Physio.

Nic Colombo, Specialist MSK & Sports Physiotherapist, Special interest in Running injuries & performance, Triathlon & Swimming RTS.

Mani Matharu, Specialist MSK Physiotherapist & Sports Nutritionist, Special interest in Hand & Wrist injuries and post-operative recovery.

Dr Farah Jawad, Consultant in Sport, Exercise & Musculoskeletal Medicine



Once you contact us, we will book you for an  initial consultationt that will include an initial assessment and diagnosis and a tailored treatment plan according to your own rehab goals.


You can expect:

  • Around 8-12 weeks rehab

  • Sports specific strengthening & conditioning

  • Speed, agility and plyometric

  • Sports specific drills and cardio

  • Acceleration and deceleration drills

  • Full coverage of change of direction movement patterning

  • A phased return to full minutes

Dependent on the outcome of your Initial Physiotherapy session and your goals, a program will be designed to be attended with one of our therapists either weekly or fortnightly at reduced follow-up appointment rates. Please send us an email if you would like to discuss prices.




Our clinicians will go above and beyond to ensure you get the best out of your intervention. With experience as senior clinicians in the NHS, in private clinics, Premiere League clubs and in some of the biggest firms in the City - we're confident with can get you back on track towards achieving your own unique goals as soon as feasible.


Our systems are simple and effective, and our treatments based on the latest evidence. Book, pay, change appointments in 2 secs. Forget stickmen drawings, we'll get you on our exercise app which integrates with your phone, smartwatch and allows communication with your physio when not in clinic.


We want your experience to be as seamless as possible. Because results only come with commitment, we support you when you leave the clinic too. Stay in touch with your clinician via video, email or messenger; get the answers to your questions as soon as they come up and stay on track in between sessions.

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