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Maximise your rehab and sports performance with specialist nutrition support



Good food and drink intake is key to good health and has a positive effect on the mind. Analysing your diet and lifestyle can highlight key areas which our consultant can work on optimising, to reach your goals. As well as what you eat, your portion sizes, and when you eat, they will look at other aspects of your life such as sleep, stress and perceived energy levels throughout the day.


Having a nutrition consultation will help identify your current calorie intake and look at your actual requirements based on your physical measurements and your occupational and recreational activities. Working together over a few months, you'll be guided on how to make adjustments to your meals to ensure your levels of macro and micronutrients are suited to your needs.



Alison Bolch, Sports Nutritionist & Naturopath


Ali is a graduate of Naturopathy and has completed her Bachelor of Health Science and majoring in Naturopathy.

Ali has a drive and passion to always be at the forefront of new sport nutrition research and data. Providing the perfect balance of holistic and evidence-based medicine in order to give patients the greatest possible outcome. All while continuously developing her skills in the realm of sports performance.

She takes great pleasure in supporting individuals to reach their full health and wellbeing potential and seeing them reap the benefits that a fully-optimised diet can provide.


Initial nutrition consultation

30 mins, online (£50)


All patients book into an initial consultation with Ali first, where she will go through some questioning to understand your current situation and needs. If you are referred by one of our physiotherapists or other clinicians, she will also have access to your history and episode of care. Ali will then provide you with tailored specialist advice and take-aways to apply straight away in this session, so this can be booked as a standalone session too.

Book into your initial consultation >>

Follow up & specialist services

After your initial session, Alison may decide to see you for more treatment. This may involve:

Standard follow up session (30 mins)

Specialist-level sports nutritional consultation (60 mins): For athletes or weekend warriors, anyone looking to optimise their nutrition in order to get the most out of training and improve overall performance. This also can include specialist nutritional analysis for our RED-S patients. Whether it’s team sports, running, triathlons, weight lifting or others. Whatever your sport, this assessment will provide you with the tools and knowledge in order to reach your goals or get the most out of your sport. You learn the importance of food timing around your training, what the body requires for different sports and in what quantities. For women, this will give you the knowledge and power to work with your menstrual cycle in order to optimise performance.

Specialist-level weight loss and weight management consultation (60 mins): Whether your goal is weight loss, management or muscle building. This assessment will create you an individualised plan in order to reach your goals. Body composition goals don’t need to be incredibly complex. Understanding how the body utilises fuel and burns energy is the foundation of all weight orientated goals. Here you will go back to the foundations and work with your body in order to reach a healthy weight for that individual. You’ll learn invaluable practises you can use for life through these consultations.


Weight loss management is a key component of what we can do. We know there are many factors which can lead us to put on weight, and all of these are looked at carefully. With your food and drink, we can identify key areas of our meal prep, portions or macronutrient ratios that could be contributing to us getting more than we need. Combining this with lifestyle habits that may be affecting us negatively, a carefully guided approach is created in order for you to lose weight safely. There are no quick fixes or crash diets here. The approaches are designed to be sustainable, enjoyable and not a drastic change to your normal eating habits. 

Good nutrition isn't always about weight loss. Here are other key areas where our nutrition consultant can help you:


In order to gain weight:

Some people may be classed as underweight and may find it difficult to increase their body weight. You could also have an intense exercise regime which is causing you to burn a lot more calories than you can eat. We can look at building up your intake in a controlled and sustainable manner and link it to any exercise regime you may currently have. 


To help with healing and injury rehabilitation:

As Physiotherapists, we know that coming back from an injury requires a multifaceted approach. One of those is to optimise your nutrion as you need to ensure your body is getting all the right nutrients for a full recovery. As well as your macronutrients, we will look at how the food you eat is providing your body will the important vitamins and minerals it needs for a smooth recovery. 


To aid in sports/exercise:

You may be a high level runner, or may have just started the couch to 5k programme. Either way, you'll know your energy levels, fatigue, recovery time and sleep can all be affected by the food you eat. Optimising your nutrition can aid in better performance, faster recovery and decrease your injury risk.





Our clinicians will go above and beyond to ensure you get the best out of your intervention. With experience as senior clinicians in the NHS, in private clinics, Premiere League clubs and in some of the biggest firms in the City - we're confident with can get you back on track towards achieving your own unique goals as soon as feasible.


Our systems are simple and effective, and our treatments based on the latest evidence. Book, pay, change appointments in 2 secs. Forget stickmen drawings, we'll get you on our exercise app which integrates with your phone, smartwatch and allows communication with your physio when not in clinic.


We want your experience to be as seamless as possible. Because results only come with commitment, we support you when you leave the clinic too. Stay in touch with your clinician via video, email or messenger; get the answers to your questions as soon as they come up and stay on track in between sessions.


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