Setting goals in your workouts: your key to getting through Lockdown 2.0

You were so excited to be back in the gym, surrounded by weights and high quality equipment. Maybe you even got a new trainer and or began a new training program and you could see some progress.

Then came Lockdown 2.0. Back to home workouts. But don’t despair! We’ve been here before and furthermore have thrived.

What was your goal when you restarted the gym?

They don’t have to change completely , even though your circumstances have . But setting workout goals during this time will keep your days occupied and help you to maintain the gains you just spent the last few months working for.

A second plus, the world has accommodated for going virtual so it’s still possible for you to get a good sweat in the comfort of your own home. Here are some key reminders to get you started on setting some goals this Lockdown:

1. Solidify the morning routine:

What do you need to get your day started? Maybe a few mins in meditation before looking at your phone, listening to an inspiring podcast or maybe simply finding a quote that resonates with how you feel that day. Start each morning on a high note! It will definitely set the tone for your day and therefore promote productivity.

2. You don’t have to replicate what you were doing before lockdown

The main focus is to remain active so that when the gyms do open we don’t feel like we’ve been knocked back 10 steps. Maybe there is one aspect of your training that you can ‘go back to basics’ on. There are a multitude of exercises that regardless of our level of fitness we can all improve:

  • Press ups – Work towards a number, or a more difficult variation.

  • Sit Ups – Number in 4 minutes, weighted sit ups for reps.

  • Plank : Duration and form – loaded or unloaded. Side plank

  • Running – Either improve your time for a distance or just improve total time or distance travelled.