"The hardest step in achieving anything

is making a true commitment."

At LDN PHYSIO we have a number of packages all geared towards getting you closer to your personal goals, at a more affordable rate. From New Year Fitness to Body MOT, from Marathon Prep to Ski Recovery - whatever your goal we have the package for it.

Kickstart Package

3 sessions to kickstart a sport / activity the right way

Whether you’re taking up a new sport or activity or you’re increasing the intensity of your current training, our physios and coaches will help you kick-start your training and design the perfect plan according to your goals and targets. Working with a Physiotherapist will also allow you to treat any niggle / pain as they arise and prevent them to progress into injuries.


The package comprises of 3 sessions of 45 mins to an hour (usually over 6-12 weeks):

  • 1 initial session (evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and coaching plan)

  • 2 x follow-up sessions (for progression, coaching and treatment if needed)

  • 24/7 email and text support throughout the whole time.

Price: £185 (instead of £205)

Expert assessment for your body

A comprehensive and tailored assessment looking into all areas under the most strain from the activities you are doing or aiming to do. Whether you’re taking up a new sport or activity or you’re increasing the intensity of your current training; or whether you have a recurring injury or niggle and want to check for any underlying issues. We will assess how you move and function and your physio will work out a plan to minimise the risk of injury or treat any existing ones. We will use a range of techniques including biomechanical correction, mobilisation, stretching and a tailored strengthening programme.

2 sessions:

  • 1 initial evaluation session including posture and biomechanical assessment

  • 1 rehab session looking into strategies to address any issues, increase your performance, and reduce the risk of injury.

  • 24/7 email and text support.

Price: £130 (instead of £145)


Train the right way and avoid injuries

Running a marathon this year? Or any other running event? Let our physios and coaches design the right training plan for you and your goals. Benefit from our sports and medical knowledge to remain injury-free throughout.

  • 1 evaluation session including a comprehensive video running assessment

  • 4 running-specific rehab / training sessions

  • 4 sports massage sessions to use before or after the event

  • 24/7 text and email support until the event.

Price: £530 (instead of £605)


Support throughout the season for our skiers and snowboarders

Enjoy the slopes without the injuries this winter with our winter sports packages. Before you head out to the slopes, you can choose between 2 levels of preparation (Introductory or Ultimate). And when you get back, get rid of any post-ski soreness or niggles with our Ski Recovery package. Find out more on our Winter Sports clinic page.

Introductory Ski Preparation​ Package: 1 winter sports evaluation session, 1 rehab / prep session, 1 sports massage session

Price: £185 (instead of £205)

Ultimate Ski Preparation​ Package: 1 winter sports evaluation session, 4 rehab / prep sessions, 4 sports massage sessions

Price: £485 (instead of £575)

Ski Recovery Package: 1 winter sports evaluation session, 1 rehab session, 2 sports massage sessions.

Price: £220 (instead of £270)



More for less, when you need it

Physio multi-session deals:

  • 3 x Physio follow-up sessions: £170

  • 5 x Physio follow-up sessions: £275


You need to complete an initial physio session before being able to book a physio multi-session package. Please discuss this with your physio first.

Sport massage multi-session deals:

  • 3 x Sports massage sessions: £150

  • 5 x Sports massage sessions: £220

The perfect option for mid to long-term rehab

This is a custom plan which allows you to pay one agreed flat fee (also payable in instalments), that gives you access to unlimited sessions and support until your problem is resolved.

Please ask your therapist after your initial session if you feel this is the right plan for you.


All packages start with an initial session. Once you have chosen the package that suits you best, head to our booking page - you will be able to choose the time for the first session of your package and then be taken to our payment page. Once you've finished booking, you will receive all details via email. We will book the following sessions once we see you in clinic.

Any queries just message us via the chat box in the bottom right corner or email us at hello@ldnphysio.co.uk and one of us will guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

We're covered by most health insurance companies in the UK. We advise that you contact your insurer prior to your initial appointment to assure cover. It is your responsibility to be clear on the terms of agreement that you have in place with your insurer. Get in touch if you have any questions!

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