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This course is currently running (week 3/4)

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A 4-week course to help you gain a deeper knowledge of the fundamentals of yoga and find steadiness & ease, on and off the mat.

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Course price: £27

Starting date: Tuesday 26/05/20 18:30

Structureweekly online private class + optional guided home practice

Plus: access to all recordings, course newsletter & other related tips



This course will help you dive into the foundations and core principles of yoga whilst looking at proper alignment of physical postures.


It's open to all levels, whether you have never practiced yoga before, at the beginning of your yoga journey or an advanced practitioner who wishes to revisit the fundamentals and enrich your knowledge.


Through a weekly online private class allowing interaction with your trainer, and optional guided home practice, you'll cover proper form and progression of key postures that are practiced in many classes, such as your Downward-facing dogs, Chaturanga, Warrior 1 & 2 and your Vinyasa’s. 


You will leave with a deeper understanding of physical postures, meditation, breath-work and relaxation, giving you tools to help relax your body and mind - and build great foundations for your future yoga practice.


Teacher: Anna

200hrs Hatha & Ashtanga Vinyasa


If you have been following Anna during our #WorkoutsThatCount series, you'll find similar types of sessions on her course. Anna will teach you how to use yoga at home to bring some calm and ease into your day. Her sessions are the perfect balance between easy flow and a bit of challenge, with the intention of opening up your body and bringing some presence into your days.

The difference you'll find in her course is structure and progression. Anna will provide you with a clear plan for the next few weeks, so you can really see the difference in your practice week after week. This will be supported by some guided home practice if you'd like to explore further in your own time.

You'll gain a much deeper understanding of key physical postures, meditation, breath-work and relaxation.

The support and input from our Physiotherapy team is another key element of the course. You'll benefit from our physios' knowledge and experience to make sure you remain injury-free during and after the course. Get key physio tips added to your course newsletter and priority access to our physio and other clinic services.

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At LDN PHYSIO our mission has always been to help our clients and patients reach the best version of themselves - whether physically or mentally - with the use of no-nonsense, evidence-based health, fitness and sports science knowledge. 


COVID-19 has changed the way clinics and studios are operating with many services being moved online. However, the abundance of services out there can be overwhelming at best, sometimes even unsafe for our clients. What's the right type of exercise for you? How do you know you're doing things right? What's the best way to try something new and remain injury-free?


Over the past couple of months, we have been working hard to cut through the noise and continue to support our community along their health & fitness journey despite the current situation and everyone's limited resources.

Our online courses are the perfect solution to achieve this. You'll find the same experience, support and good vibes as with our face-to-face services - and we think there's no better team than ours to help you on your COVID-19 fitness journey! ;)

LDNers do it better.

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Registered number: 10699588

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