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Designed specifically for people looking to take their strength & fitness to the next level, this physio-approved online course gives structure & focus to your workouts during and after the lockdown, so you come out the best version of yourself.

Course main goalincrease strength & fitness levels during and after lockdown

Course price: £39

Fitness levels: Anyone can join, you'll have individualised workout options according to your own levels

Starting Date: 18th May 2020   Duration: 6 weeks

Structure: Online live workout every Monday evening. Weekly guided home challenges + home workouts.

Extras: Course newsletter, fitness & strength testing, priority access to other LDN PHYSIO services


Support: Email support, online private group and physiotherapy support from the LDN PHYSIO team as needed.

Limited to 15 people to allow good interaction with each member and monitor progression.




L2 Qual. Personal Trainer

Ruth has been a leading figure during our online workout series from last month. Her gruelling routines and unwavering smile has earned her a strong fanbase amongst our LDNers.


Ruth is passionate about bringing the best out of everyone in her classes, encouraging you to dig deep and trust your own ability. She makes a mission to push you into your very best to help increase your strength, motivation & energy, not only during her workouts but also in your everyday life.


She's made the "strong body starts with a strong mind" motto hers - and it never makes as much sense as when she takes you through her finishers!


If you have been following Ruth during our #WorkoutsThatCount series, you'll find similar types of workouts on her course. The perfect mix between HIIT and strength, so you feel fit, leave sweaty and get the strength to back it all up. Each session will have a clear focus on upper, lower body or core workouts as well as some mobility work and stretching.

The difference you'll find in her course is structure. She'll help you take the guesswork out of your workouts by providing you with a clear plan for the next few weeks to maximise results. In 6 weeks time, you'll feel stronger, fitter and ready to tackle summer! You'll stay motivated throughout the programme thanks to weekly challenges and home workouts, so expect a little competition and mainly a lot of fun!

Your strength and fitness levels will be monitored with a series of key tests so you can check how much progress you make throughout the programme. You'll be able to use those tests after the course too to structure your future workouts. You'll also gain a better understanding of how to improve your own fitness & strength - ready to transition into your summer routine!

The support and input from our Physiotherapy team is another key element of the course and what sets it appart from other coaching courses. Benefit from our physios' knowledge and experience to make sure you remain injury-free during and after the course. Get key physio tips added to your course newsletter and get priority access to our physio and other clinic services.

This course is a one-time only course, don't miss it!


At LDN PHYSIO our mission has always been to help our clients and patients reach the best version of themselves - whether physically or mentally - with the use of no-nonsense, evidence-based health, fitness and sports science knowledge. 


COVID-19 has changed the way clinics and studios are operating with many services being moved online. However, the abundance of services out there can be overwhelming at best, sometimes even unsafe for our clients. What's the right type of exercise for you? How do you know you're doing things right? How to choose a new workout and remain injury-free?


Over the past couple of months, we have been working hard to cut through the noise and continue to support our community along their health & fitness journey despite the current situation and everyone's limited resources.

Our online courses are the perfect solution to achieve this. You'll find the same experience, support and good vibes as with our face-to-face services - and we think there's no better team than ours to help you on your COVID-19 fitness journey! ;)

LDNers do it better.

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