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F45 x LDN

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Injury Workshop Recap

Quick recap of our Injury workshop from Sunday, with injury tips and exercises you can use in your warm ups and as part of your strengthening sessions to bulletproof your shoulders, lower back and knees.


(Sorry for the sound, mic was running low on battery!)

Warm-up routines / exercises

All the routines and exercises discussed can be great as part of your F45 warm-ups to activate the right muscle groups for the session depending on the exercises / joints that will be mostly worked. 

They are also good to be added to your usual strength routine, outside of classes, to build up strength and stability around those joints. Start small by including a set or two of a new exercise, then increase the reps and weight as you get more comfortable.


1. Shoulder (0:50)

  • Lateral rotation with resistance (1:18)

  • Lateral rotation with resistance in "W" position (2:10)

  • Shoulder press pull apart from "W" position (2:38)

  • Overhead press or hold with unstable weight (3:10)

2. Lower back (3:52)

  • Lumbar roll / unroll (4:40)

  • Loaded flexed deadlift (4:50)

3. Knee (6:15)

  • Squat with hip external rotation resistance (6:42)

  • Side steps with hip abduction resistance (7:12)

  • Single-leg flexed knee hold with hip abduction resistance (7:18)

  • Straight knee / bent knee calf raises (8:12)

  • Single leg calf raises (8:34)

  • Single leg calf hops (9:12)

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